Thursday, June 30, 2011


Life is nothing.. But an amazing fact! You'll never know when and where the pyramid of time changes. No sooner future turns to present and present into past. Friends become strangers and strangers friends. Love and Hatred.. Truth and Lies.. Joys and Tears.. Happiness and Sorrows.. sweet and Sour.. World and Lonliness.. Failures and Achievements.. Holds and Moves.. Grudges and Excuses.. Flips and Flips.. Well!! Life is all about the long breath that I inhale and exhale during which my nerves stimulates the sense of existence and lets me know... HOWEVER I SERVIVED!!
Life is the starvation of unborn desires in the innocent eyes beyond dreams and hopes... seen by few and few never knew.. The longed hunger for love, the haunted thoughts, the pain that softly griefs within, the cries that silently wash away the fears, the light that flashes like the lightenings with thunder, the strom that calms after the rain, the river that strikes and stifles with many stones on the way but still flows steadily, the oceans bearing the waves, the autumn trees that shed but in every spring sprout the new buds, the wind that wishpers and thrills the body at times, the melody that cheers up my face and at the tragedy that lets me down.. LIFE IS SOMETHING WHICH HAS NO LIMITED WORDS TO DESCRIBE..

When I happen to meet Life, it was just the milliseconds of my heart beats that was born inside another Life's womb. Then i was much ready to face the reality and happened to step on this land of so called "World". And I wonder where will I be after the end of my last breath and where will I generate my new life. I fear not the death but closing my eyes and going for a deep sleep before the world awakens for existence. I fear not the end but the begining which is out of my reach. I fear not the days of survival but the memories after my life passes by. I fear not the moments that I have been aspiring but the moments that are going to meet the expiry date. I FEAR NOT LEAVING THIS LIFE BUT LIVING THIS LIFE..

Life is somehow like a virtual mirage.. that can be seen but disappears within a blink.. that can be felt but not touched by the pounding soul.. that can be heard but vaccumed in silence.. LIFE IS A COMPOSITION OF MANY DECORATIVES BUT YET A HOLLOW MYTH..

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